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BankLink Accounting Software for Small Business

As E-Record users will be well aware the ATO withdrew E-Record from 1 July 2010. Continuing to use the unsupported program is not advisable as you may end up with software errors and incorrect accounts. Not to mention if the software crashes you won't be able to replace the program and may lose your data. With the ATO on the audit war-path this could lead to a very stressful situation.

MYOB and Quickbooks are expensive and overly complicated for a lot of our small business clients. We have done some research and found a good simple program called BankLink Books. It is also affordable, being a one-off set up fee of $55 per account and then a monthly subscription of $38.50 for the first account and $19.00 for any other accounts(all tax deductible of course).

Scroll down below to see what some of our business clients love about BankLink.

If you think you might be interested please call Shannon to discuss it further.


BankLink Benefits for Business

Less time on your books means more time on your business.

What are the Benefits for Business?

BankLink frees you up from bookwork enabling you to focus on growing your business by:
  • Simplifying the accounting process  
  • Saving you time and money by virtually eliminating manual data entry and significantly reducing time spent doing bookwork    
  • Reducing stress as you won't need to understand everything about accounting, you'll have fewer queries from your accountant,       
  • you won't need to supply receipts, bank statements or files from other accounting software      
  • Providing accurate and timely data supplied to your accountant daily, weekly or monthly     
  • Providing financial information with timely business reporting such as Cashflow P&L, Balance Sheets, and GST

  • Through your accountant, BankLink automates and streamlines your accounting by virtually
    eliminating manual data entry and the collection of receipts and bank statements. You'll no
    longer have to spend hours doing your books with software that is often complex and
    expensive to use.

    And, BankLink makes it easy for your accountant to send your business regular financial
    information so you can make well informed business decisions.

    We can also provide our BankLink clients with Business Tools to help you easily manage
    your invoicing and payments to suppliers, without the cost and complexity of a full
    accounting solution.

    Here's what some of our Clients have to say about BankLink

  • Gina from Brinsmead
  • "It's quick and easy to use. It's not as involved as MYOB which suits our small business. BankLink is the best solution for us. User friendly and easy to learn. Shannon has been able to answer any queries with it quickly over the phone."

  • Brad from Mount Sheridan
  • "The best thing that came out. Easy, simple and time saving.
    What took a full day to do before BankLink now takes an hour at the most. Less bookwork to do and is on record so I know it is always backed up"

  • Greg from Trinity Beach
  • "Great piece of software. Has made my bookkeeping so much quicker and very very accurate. The monthly fees are reasonable, great value for money"

  • Rachael from Edmonton
  • "Saves me a lot of time by just having to add in the account code rather than entering every transaction from scratch. Accounts always balance too!"

  • Tracy from Cairns
  • "I love BankLink! I love how it works. I can sort a month in ten minutes. It saves me time and is clear and easy to follow with the account selection. Easy for calculating GST too."

  • Jason from Bentley Park
  • "I have found BankLink books very easy to use. The software is tailored to my business and takes away the confusion I had with MYOB. I now know that my accounts are accurate and I save hours every week doing my bookwork. Thanks to Banklink I am able to focus on growing my business rather than worrying about my bookwork."

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