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Jenny McGrath - Director and Accountant


I am one of the few true locals left - being born and raised in Cairns!

My family operated Picture Theatres in the district, at one stage operating five theatres. Owning our own businesses was a way of life and my parents were very busy at managing their enterprises. They also operated cafes, a toy store, freight businesses, bus services and tourism businesses. It was their willingness to work hard and try new things which has given me an understanding of what it takes to be successful. I was actually the bookkeeper at the early age of 10. Mum and Dad also had us kids operate our own partnership at one stage, operating a caf
é without their help I was ten years old at the time. I remember employing a 16 year old for a dollar an hour and thinking .is she really worth it? By twelve I was reading all the real estate pages and investment magazines always on the lookout at how everyone was making money.

As a teenager I did many jobs and ran many small businesses of my own. Then I did door to door sales, bookkeeping, poured many beers in hotels, worked in kitchens and restaurants, did cleaning jobs, worked as an offsider in steel construction, sold real estate, was a cruise attendant, an aerobics instructor, sewed uniforms and curtains, did tourism promotions, was part owner of a gym, owned a tourist booking office, operated a fashion consultancy and retail outlet well in actual fact there is not too many things I didn't try!

I completed a 12 month secretarial course at Cairns Business College and started an accounting career with a local Chartered Accounting firm. My first position was the office computer operator yes in those days there was only one computer in the whole building! I went on to be a trainee accountant in this firm.  

In 1986, I travelled to Perth Western Australia and studied a Bachelor of Business degree with double major in Accounting and Finance. I returned to Cairns in 1992, as a sole parent and started my accounting practice.

I feel my life experience has given me a broad knowledge of many industries and I think it helps me 'step into the shoes' of my clients I can actually relate to their issues and challenges.

As an accountant I love being of service to my clients and giving them the best advice at the right time.

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